Discharge Planning

Nurse Case Management

After a serious Motor Vehicle Accident – Things happen fast and you need the expertise and experience of people who know how to navigate and gain access to services within the hospital setting.

It is extremely important that you have someone who is educated and understands the new criteria regarding accident benefits. At Excel Care we work closely with you and your family to help educate the health team and to assist with ensuring that everyone understands what is important to a successful discharge.

As of June 01, 2016, for non-catastrophic injuries, the combined amount available for both medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits is $65,000.00.

As of June 01, 2016, for catastrophic injuries, the combined amount available for both medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits is $1,000,000.00.

Effective June 01, 2016 the criteria to be deemed catastrophic impaired has also dramatically changed.

Due to these restriction of benefits, we at Excel Care recognized that services will be denied during this most critical and difficult time of recovery. To ensure that no one is left out in the cold Excel Care has designed a package of services to provide you with coverage from Intensive Care to Home. Excel Care will assist with your discharge planning. This package is a flat rate to ensure the following:

  1. That the injured person that suffered a brain injury has a computerized axial tomography scan, a magnetic resonance imaging and any other medical recognized brain technology imaging that will assist with an acquired brain injury diagnosis.
  2. That careful planning with respect to rehabilitation occurs and that communication with the medical team and rehabilitation team occurs to ensure that the injured party is not discharged form hospital too quickly. A referral to a rehabilitation hospital will be encouraged.
  3. Excel Care will assist with documentation and completing of such forms as OCF 1, OCF 3, OCF 19 and Form 1 attendant care assessments.
  4. Excel Care will work closely with the medical rehabilitation team to advocate for supports that are available to assist with a safe and cost effective discharge.

To eliminate rising costs Excel Care offers a flat rate package for discharge planning from Intensive Care to Home:

image-of-discharge-pricing*NOTE: The total cost for working with the client from Intensive Care to Home would be $2,000.00. Should the hours exceed this projected amount the cost would not change.

Please contact Excel Care for additional details.