Rehabilitation Services

The role of a Rehabilitation Therapist or a Therapy Support Worker is to work under the direction of a Regulated Health Care Professional, information pills to implement behaviour and rehabilitation care.

The roles of a Rehabilitation Therapists or Therapy Support Workers are to address the following:

  • Establish and monitor therapeutic relationship with clients in order to provide effective Behavior Modification and Rehabilitation Therapies
  • Evaluate and implement data collection
  • Collect and analyzes outcome details and formulates a report for the clinical team
  • Promotes a positive, empowering and therapeutic atmosphere when providing Behavioral Therapy
  • Provides counseling and guidance to clients as needed
  • Ensures safety
  • Liaison between the Nurse Case Manager and assigned Therapists to ensure open communication
  • Promotes a collaborative working relationship between families and clients
  • Ensure all therapies are being actively completed by client and Therapy Support Worker


This service is provided and delivered in accordance with an approved Treatment Plan (OCF-18) from your insurance company. Funding will be determined through your Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits

$1,000,000.00 if injury is catastrophic payable over the lifetime of the claimant. Optional increased coverage may be possible.

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